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Vollums Glow Handset

Vollums Glow Handset

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✓ FREE shipping & hassle-free returns

✓ Sculpts, tightens, & lifts skin around cheeks & jawline

✓ Reverses wrinkles & fine lines

✓ Diminishes acne, blackheads & small bumps

✓ Improves dark circles, redness, & uneven skin tones

✓ All natural, giving you GLOWING skin!

✓ 100% painless & non-toxic

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Vollums Glow Handset


EMS Mode(Red Light) - "The Anti-Ager", this setting activates the blood circulation in the skin, stimulating the collagen, diminishing dark spots & circles, while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Warm Mode(Blue Light) - "The Glowing Skin", the LED micro-current treatment  improves skin problems by killing the bacteria that causes bumps, acne, and blackheads. Giving you that jaw-dropping "Glowing Skin".

Clean Mode(Green Light) - "The Face Sculptor", high frequency vibration helps to deeply cleanse & drain the lymphatic and swelling in your face and pores while the thermal neck lifting feature gently warms and tightens skin.


1 x neck massager
1 x USB cable
1 x English Manual


Q- Should I use this with a lotion, oil or nothing?

A- yes,of course u need to use the lotion,oil or other skin care products.

Q- The blue light shuts off within 5 seconds even after a full charge .. I have used the cord provided to charge it but I see no light indication

A- charge it with ONLY DC 5V, don't charge it with a higher voltage, Or it'll damage the battery. From your description, there is no electricty during the whole charge progress and the machine have not been charged at all.

  • "This product it’s amazing! The best intense pulsed light! My skin more young with less price with great quality! Thanks for all care! 🥰"

  • "I’ve only used this twice since I got it yesterday but I’m already obsessed. I don’t know how it can already feel so much more lifted but it does!''

  • "You guys!! This Vollums handset is absolutely unreal!! It changed my life! My skin is honestly glowing & feels so much healthier now! I'm soo obsessed!! Definitely buying it as gifts from now on!''

  • "Only used this a few days and can already see a difference in my skin and face shape!!! It really is amazing! Can’t wait to see the results in a few weeks time!

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